Shoot Em Fore They Run

This morning I bypassed my usual spot on my usual floor of my usual parking garage. Life on the edge.

Two spots away from my adventurous spot on the bottom floor was an older, smaller pick-up truck. I have a habit of peering into truck beds, and I followed that habit as I walked by. Its a tad too dark in the garage to make much out, but I noticed many bright red, cylindrical items spread all over the bed.

They were spent shotgun shells. Fifteen to twenty of them. Life sure is wild on the sub-level. I had to pick up one of the shells to be certain of what they were – does innocent curiosity preclude an evidence tampering charge?

Am I just that much of an out-of-place Southerner to think this is odd?

While the Republicans scuffle for dear Jebs affection, the Democrats are really trying my patience. Rod Smith traded in his caffeine for an Ambien, while Jim Davis seems to be forgetting the primary is in less than three weeks.

Come on, guys, htfu – I know youre basking the glow of that Most Engaging Campaign Site mention; but I need something to get my hands dirty with, really work my fingers in there (?).

Oh, whats this? Its a new ad. Finally! Lets see:

Well, that script coming across the screen looks like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, and boy do those suck. Of course they do big business, so what do I know? That American flag in the background makes him look like Patton, without the George C. Scottness. Actually Pattons a pretty entertaining flick.

Oh spit – either Im too tired to mock, or this ad is pretty good. Even ConservoBob (can I call you that?) at the OBlog gave it some praise (still followed by some jabs for the Dems, but you gotta do).

Blurbex says thumbs up as well, declaring it a winner over Smiths stem-cell ad. But a fairer comparison would be with Smiths own hurricane-themed ad.

It does seem like Davis tries too hard to get his last words in just under the 30-second mark, but the gist is pretty clear – heres some scary stuff (storms! loopholes! ah!) I can help you with. A half-minute TV ad is meant for memory-searing exposure, not the spouting of policy.

That – along with the hollering – was the mistake in the Smith ad. I appreciate trying to boil things down, but he speaks so loudly and quickly in the ad that its quite easy to miss the point . Ive watched it a few times – Im pretty sure hes auctioning off the helicopter. But I guess thats why they sacked the ad people responsible.