Sheffield Gauge Plate Guillotine Blades

Guillotine Blades Cutter Knives for Rubber, Tier, Plastic, Packing, and Paper

Bringing forth technological excellence in the mechanical and agricultural industry, Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd has emerged as a credible Manufacturer and Supplier of tool steels guillotine blades. They also offer the farming equipment such as Blades for small rotary machinery; double chrome plated hydraulic lifting jacks, Rail Breaker Blades, Tyre Shredding Blades, Hot and Cold Cutting Mill Blades, Shear Blades, Demolition and Construction Blades, Scrap Shear Blades, Guillotine Blades, Granulating Blades, and Shredder Cutter Parts.

Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd manufactures the tool steels guillotine blades with advanced machinery that helps in producing them with spatially balanced and flawless design that reduces vibrations and eventually make them power-efficient. They make use of latest process technologies such as advanced metallurgy processes and specific heat treatments that make tool steels guillotine blades to resist the tough competitive environment. Moreover, the use of selected steel for the production of the guillotine blades gives them longevity and ensures low replacement costs.

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Quality Compliance

Constant watchfulness is practiced by quality analyst right from the procurement of raw materials till the finishing stage. Our business associations are with the international steel producers, from where we procure the best-grade steel to produce the guillotine blades ensuring their wear and tear resistant.

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Several tests for quality are conducted on the Guillotine Blades to check their optimum functionality

1) Nondestructive Testing Facilities: To test the final product quality

2) Metallurgical Microscope: To analyze the steel micro structure

3) Spectrometer: To test the raw materials

4) Hardness Tester: To test the hardness of raw material and final product


We are selected by the clients due to the following reasons

1) Offer Guillotine Blades, which are in compliance with the ISO Standards

2) Provide the best Guillotine Blades at the best prices

3) Match the International quality

4) Put to use advanced metallurgy and heat treatment process

5) Successfully cater to the OEM requirements

6) Make use of modern facilities such as a microscope, hardness tester, Germany Spectra, tensile testing and non-destructive testing facilities.

Owing to all such factors, Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd has established a credible name in the industry.

Sheffield Gauge Plate Limited is UK’s top rated supplier of Machine Knives and Tool Steels shear blades. We also offer you some Baler Blades for specialized applications.

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