Me, Yourself, Tha Police


This is the copy of Bob Dylans Blood on the Tracks I bought today.

Dig that BEST VALUE sticker on the jewel case. I remember seeing those on a lot of CDs back in the day (you know, the 90s), but Ive never figured out exactly what they meant.

Whats the lesser value? Is it just another format of Blood on the Tracks, or is the sticker merely suggesting that this albums cost-to-minutes-of-listenable-music ratio is far more economically sound than that of, say, Richard Harris A Tramp Shining (oh no)?

Considering the album was a used copy, I could not be happier with the financial widsom of my purchase.

Music12 Aug 2006 07:11 pm

Changes to my catalogue of albums owned:


  • blink-182 – blink-182 – With more listens, Ive come to realize maturity does not suit them as well as Id hoped.
  • Drag It Up – Old 97s – Suffered under the burden of poor production and what was up to that point a nearly flawless collection of Old 97s albums
  • Here Come the Warm Jets – Brian Eno – A great album that I just kept forgetting I owned – I guess it wasnt that great.
  • Illinois – Sufjan Stevens – I probably didnt give it a fair shake, but after one or two cursory listens I didnt really want to.
  • Seasick – Imperial Teen – See Here Come the Warm Jets
  • Travistan – Travis Morrison – Decent songs, but he obviously misses The Dismemberment Plan as much as I do, which is loads.


  • Another Green World – Brian Eno – Eno for Eno. Ill Come Running alone should guarantee more frequent listens.
  • Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan – Ive now owned this album on three separate occasions. Once it was stolen (along with over 100 others); the second time I traded it in. I heard Tangled Up in Blue recently and wondered why I ever thought I didnt need it.
  • Rather Ripped – Sonic Youth – Admittedly Id give their version of an Eagles album a fair shake (though lets hope it never comes to that). But theres a reason for that – if you ignore the side stuff and a few not-quite-fantastic regular offerings, they can do no wrong. Upon first listen, they still havent.
Film and Language12 Aug 2006 02:21 am

At the risk of running the discussion of vulgarity into the ground – the gutter is close by – why not give the grand dame of sexually-derived profanity some time?

After all, its getting a movie: F*ck, due out this fall, is a documentary ode to that most dangerous word.

The movie poster is enough to turn me off from what should be a good idea – the silly blurbs from Dick Cheney and the FCC, not to mention its self-billing as a f*ckumentary, promise a 90-minute, cleverly edited, drunken fraternity bull session (surprisingly I didnt work on marketing for the film). But if Im to believe IMDb, F*ck will at least be good for a bit of impress-your-friends trivia.

The word fuck and its variations are used 629 times throughout this 93 minute documentary, making an average 6.76 f-words a minute.

That FPM, according to Wikipedias list of frequent fuck usage in film, mops the floor with the current high of 3.10 held by Made, Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughns inconsequential follow-up to Swingers (which no doubt holds the money usage crown), as well as the overall leader Casino.

But Im not happy to include a documentary that probably gets a lot of its f-word instances from other movies. Also Wikipedias list does have some omissions; Im more partial to this top-20 list (which is curiously also cited to Wikipedia, though theres no telling why its not on the site):

1. Nil by Mouth (470).
2. Casino (422).
3. Martin Lawrence Live (347)
4. Summer of Sam (326)
5. Twin Town (320)
6. Sweet Sixteen (313)
7. Narc (298)
8. The Big Lebowski (281)
9. Tigerland (276)
10. Made (274)
11. Pulp Fiction (271)
12. Reservoir Dogs (252)
13. Dead Presidents (247)
14. Goodfellas (246)
15. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (228)
16. True Romance (225)
17. Empire (220)
18. Scarface (1983 version) (218)
19. Suicide Kings (207)
20. American History X (205)

Ive seen 11 of the 20. Before I found this list my guess for #1 would have been Summer of Sam, Spike Lees ham-fisted portrayal of 1977 New York. I recall having seen the movie in theatres with several friends, including a girl who was known to be rather prudish – no doubt that her pronounced wincing throughout the movie made me hyper-aware to the excessive profanity.

Meanwhile Nil By Mouth surprised me a bit, though upon some reflection I think the 470-count might be low. The heavy British accents in the film render a lot of the dialogue rather muddy, so Im sure whatever poor schmo had to inventory the f-bombs missed a few. Also I think the overwhelming prevalence of the word makes you predictably numb to it, causing it to blend into the background noise (it doesnt help that the film also features 41 uses of c*nt 96 uses of c*nt, which usually carries greater shock value).

There is still a movie missing that I think could produce a result: New Zealands Once Were Warriors, quite the blistering tale of rage, alcoholism and domestic abuse in a Maori family. I cant say Ive ever counted, but from what I remember the father alone probably let loose at least a hundred times.

Can anyone else think of another film that should be represented in the fuck pantheon?

our know, the Republicans really know whats going on in this governors race. I thought Gallaghers campaign was just that inept, trailing big time in the polls but not going on the offensive. But maybe the party sat him down, convincing him to coast through his campaign with his dignity, allowing Crist to save up some money and build up his reputation for a November run. The Democrats should have probably done that a while ago, considering they have less money and less cred. And thats why theyre running the state and the country.

Thats more or less what I was brainstorming this afternoon at work. Fortunately work got in the way of an actual post.

We have our first real slinger of the campaign! Its Tom Gallaghers new ad, and its sumthin. It compares Gallagher, shining oh so angelically in his picture, with Crist, who just loves him some bigspendinggayMexicanbabykillers.

Its gross, but its a long time coming for the underdog. Of course Crist the front runner will take the high road, safely fending off the attacks in a tactful, inexpensive press release.

Or he can just make a quickie ad stating, and I paraphrase, Oh, well, uh, your mom!

Apart from an unexpected lack of perspective, these ads are raising the Jeb loving to uncomfortably new heights. The end of the Gallagher ad says he brings conservative leadership in the Jeb Bush tradition. The auctioning of (o)possums is a tradition; Jeb Bush was eight years of Spanish-language press conferences. Gallagher has even coopted that infernal Jeb trademark for his site: tomexclamationpoint.jpg

Meanwhile all Crist can do is dredge up a 1994 radio ad for Gallaghers campaign that linked Jeb to Fidel Castro. Thats some fittingly elephantine memory, Charlie, but is that really the battle youre going to pick? Is Crist just tired of sitting on all that campaign money? Why not just ran an ad of Charlie dropkicking a sexual predator? At least that would stay on message.

But hey, thanks – your silly playground brawling has me caring about it all again. Money well spent.